Aesthetic Science Blemex Clear Spot Treatment


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10 ml

One of the most satisfying feelings is a clean and uniform skin complexion without having to resort to thick makeup and cover-ups. Imagine having the ability to nip any new pimples or blemishes in the bud, at any time with a simple, convenient solution.

Cosmetic Solutions’ Blemex Clear Spot Treatment is a handy on the go pimple zapping formula that delivers fast and satisfying blemish reduction to deliver and maintain clear spot free features.

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The natural ingredients of Witch Hazel, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Menthol, are all combined in a expertly balanced formula to remove excess oil from the affected are, and tighten and close the skin pores. This positively improves the skin environment, deters bacterial accumulation and helps reduce swelling.


  • Helps dry and unclog the affected pores
  • Helps dissolve oils and impurities
  • Helps reduce swelling and irritation
  • Quick Drying with no visible residue
  • Convenient to apply and carry

Dab on affected areas when needed. Can be used alone or under makeup.