Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray


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60 ml

Antiseptic travel solution
BENEFITS: Soothes, Deordorizes, Cleanses
A spray containing Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil in purified water. Tea Tree oil is nature's own antiseptic, having powerful anti-bacterial and antiviral properties.

Tea Tree S.O.S Spray has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Its excellent for fungal infections of the feet and help to deodorize.
Spray directly onto the Detox Skin Body Brush to completely cleanse into between uses.

  • Powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
  • Spray directly onto cuts and spots
  • An ideal first aid travel companion
  • Protects against insect bites
  • Can be used on congested back or chest area
  • Spray into shoes after exercise to prevent foot odor