The Art of iBrows

Niurka Martinez

Posted on January 24 2019

The Art of iBrows

Are you truly aware of how important your iBrows really are? I laugh, as I write this, thinking of my squiggly lines I used to call iBrows in the twelfth grade.
We have all been there! But really; your iBrows are the most important feature on your face. iBrows help accentuate the eyes, the shape of the face and it plays a powerful role in communication. I know not everyone was blessed with big bushy iBrows but there is a solution for everyone.
A little pencil, iBrow tint, henna or even permanent makeup can help frame the outlines of where your iBrows should be.
First thing first, it is important to go to a professional. A professional can help you figure out what iBrow shape is the best for you. That goes for those with full bushy iBrows that need a good trim and shaping or for those that need a little pencil to draw them on.
As an iBrow artist and professional I take the time to analyze each of my client’s iBrows personally.
Keep in mind that everyone’s facial features are different so I personalize each iBrow shape to what fits their unique face.

Measuring with Anastasias Golden ratio is a great way to determine where your iBrow should start, how long your iBrows should be and where your arch should go. I absolutely love this technique. 

I find it super helpful for creating balanced and even iBrows. But with that being said, it is important to keep everyone’s personality and style in mind.

I love diagrams like this one below trending all over Instagram. Some like very defined iBrows with high arches and tailored tails, others like a more rounder arch with a wispy natural look.
trending eyebrows

I like to think of iBrows like lipstick. When working behind the counter at a makeup store I learned one very important lesson, that lipstick was very personal. Some woman like a much defined lip by using lip liner and then layered with an opaque lipstick filled with color while others went straight for a lip gloss or maybe just a light lip stain.

We all have our own comforts and I believe the same with iBrows. So when on the hunt for the best iBrow guru, find a professional who understands your style and understands the art of iBrows.  With the combination of these two talents your iBrows will be destined for perfection! 

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